2021/22 Covid 19/ILI Provisional Data

The 2021/22 flu season has now began, we continue to report both influenza like illness (ILI) and covid-19 related symptoms through the surveillance system. Data represents UK residents who have registered to participate during the survey period.

Weekly ILI Incidence by Flu season, up to week 20

During week 11, there were 2,574 participants completing the weekly symptoms questionnaire of which 202 (7.9%) reported fever or cough and 61 (2.4%) reported influenza like illness (ILI). There was a marked increase in Covid-19 related symptoms and ILI activity amongst respondents completing the symptoms questionnaire and has been increasing since week 8. Figure 1 shows the proportion of individuals reporting ILI and Covid-19 related symptoms as well as how flusurvey respondent use the available healthcare services during this outbreak (Detailed analysis of the data we collect will be shared when they become publicly available). Data presented is collated weekly on Wednesdays and represents information reported up to and including Sunday.